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Flaky skin only on scars?

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Lately just the areas of scarred skin on my face have been getting flaky, and in some of my dent scars i’m getting almost tiny zits around the edges? Most of my scarring is pretty textural overall, but it’s still pretty significant. 

I haven’t changed my routine lately but i’ve been on a retinoid (tret and then aklief gel) for nearly 8 months now consistently, and have been on spiro and bc pills for about 2.5 to 3 months to control my acne from a bad reaction to a birth control. My scars are pretty recent but like.. older than 3 months recent.

I have some raised acne scars which have kind of evened out a little in the past month as well. It’s all still there but they do seem less raised and defined a little bit. At night I can feel those scars and some of my other ones tingle or twitch a bit? Not sure how to describe it. I’ve been taking pictures and can tell the raised scars really do seem a slightly better.

And the past few weeks my scars have started flaking and everything else I had said before. 

I can’t tell if it’s related to the meds/topicals or what’s causing it... maybe the weather?

I don’t know if the flakiness is related at all to the slow improvements my raised scars have had.

Has anyone ever had a retinol help your scars? I’ve heard it can take over 6 months to see a change with that. And I know boosted cell turnover makes your skin flaky...

Are my scars just starting to remodel after a period of time? Am I totally crazy, or is it nothing? Could they be getting better or do I just have dry skin? lol

I don’t really know what’s going on with this. I can’t really find anything at all about this experience elsewhere online. This is kind of a vent of things running through my head; but I also wish I knew what it meant. I hate how isolating dealing with scars can feel. :(

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11 hours ago, Sirius Lee said:

It just means that your skin is healing. Same thing when you're on retiinoid. Try to keep it as moist as possible.

Cool, thanks! Someone I haven’t seen in like a month actually told me my scars looked better today, so I know it’s not in my head! 

Is there anything else I can do to help my skin through this period? I want to help my skin heal as much as possible.

Is it bad to exfoliate or should I just moisturize a lot?  I use a glycolic face wash sometimes when I need it- but is it better to leave it completely alone when it flakes? Should I be using an occlusive?

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