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How to treat these rolling scars?

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I was wondering how deep these rolling scars are and how I can treat them?

I am sorry if the picture is blurry, but I tried to focus on getting the depth of my scars. 

I haven't done any acne scar treatments yet, but I am looking for the most affordable treatment. Also I am wondering if anyone with similar scarring has has success with at-home treatments?


Thank you

IMG_2317 (1) correct.jpg


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It really depends whether the scars are tethered, eg. held down by scar fibers, and it's difficult to tell solely by looking at the picture. Stretch the skin back and see if the scars flatten. If they don't flatten, they're likely tethered and you will need subcision. If they're not tethered then, you can proceed with alternate treatments like RF microneedling or TCA. TCA, which I highly recommend, can be done both professionally and at-home. 

It's also worth mentioning that shadows are created around the scar edges, thereby accentuating the scar more. So you're better off smoothing out the edges rather than filling the hole outright. Once the edges are relatively flat, then you can move on to dermal filler to raise any remaining holes.

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Hello Sirius Lee,

Thank you so much for the response. These scars have been taking over my life, and I am constantly worried about the lighting I am in. They appear worse in some lightings than others. I strectched my skin and it seems the scars fade when I do that. I will look into TCA and needling soon.

My question is how deep do these scars appear? and how optimistic should I be about treaments? I dont know if I am making them out to be more than they are or if it is truly deep scarring?



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It's hard to say based on the above photos, which are under harsh lighting and up close. I imagine they appear far less severe in normal lighting. However, if they bother you that much, it wouldn't be such a bad idea to treating them.

I believe TCA will help a lot. You will need multiple treatments spaced out 3 months apart. I suggest you (or the professional) stretch out the skin and apply 50% to the scar pits and 35% to the surrounding skin.

Have faith and good luck.

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