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I am really struggling right now

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I am so embarrassed to admit it. Its hard to speak about it with family/friends but I am really feeling down in the dumps. I should be used to my scarring and skin issues since I have been dealing with it for quite awhile now and since Im older than probably most here but lately its been hard for me to not obsess and be compulsive about taking pictures and agonizing over it. I plan on getting in to see my dr quickly as at this point I will probably need to go back on my meds since I am prone to anxiety and depression.

For a long time I went on as usual thinking maybe my scarring was mild and I think that is what kept me from being overly picky with myself but I went on retin-a about 2 months ago for aging related issues an to hopefully help with large pores and melasma and everytime I would look in the mirror to evaluate myself I would become self aware that my skin just looks plain awful. It would be fine if I thought there were treatments that could help but I feel discouraged and not sure how much improvement can really be achieved even with aggressive treatment. Im not trying to be negative about treatments but I have only seen a few that got measurable improvements.I keep searching though and will continue to do what I can in hopes that I am wrong.

I have battled myself for a long time over this but there has been times where I have been okay with it as well. I have a good job, long-term relationship, loving family ,house and Im very greateful for many blessings in my life but I cant seem to move past this

I dont care how others see me. I care how I see myself and I cant tell if Im skewed in my thinking  because im noticing every single imperfections or pretty spot on and need to accept it and cope. Sometimes I think its mild, sometimes I think I have moderate scarring and sometimes I think my scarring is extensive and possibly severe.

How do I learn to accept it and be happy with the way I am?

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Are you willing to post any pictures?

I'm going through the same. Everyone wants to put his/her best foot forward and that's hard to do, if one feels one is somehow compromised.

The easy answer is to focus on other aspects of your life and it sounds like you have a full life.

The harder answer is to either accept how you look and say "It is what it is," or work on some plan to incrementally better your skin.

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13 hours ago, sdps said:

How do I learn to accept it and be happy with the way I am?

Somebody once said "A negative mind will never give you a positive life." Learn to focus on positive things in your life. I'm sure you have at least one or two. Eventually, you will realize scars will have no effect on who you are inside. Be strong and keep your head high.

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I'll start by saying your scars are minor. You put it in angled lighting and it's texture a lot of people have, treatment will offer improvement. 

Will we ever have flawless skin? I think that's really where we need to find acceptance. We will never have flawless skin but improvement is possible and if you're unhappy with where it is then get a little boost from a procedure. I struggle, I think we've all been there. One thing I do is follow people with acne scar issues on Instagram. It really makes me feel less alone. It can feel really isolating to have this issue.

Retin a is a struggle in itself. I looked wonky for a year on it. A year! I mean come on, but damn was it worth it in the end. I have textural scarring like yours, mine are a deeper but the retin a really can lighten up some of the borders of the scars. My skin was dry, red, and really irritated at times. It looked worse for a bit but power through, keep it moisturized, and it comes along after some time. It really preps the skin for most in office procedures too.

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Please focus on the positive aspect of your life. You have a good career, family, relationships and stable home. Many people would kill to be in the position you are in right now. Don't let something very minor as scars affect your life. People aren't perfect. Some people struggle with weight and loose skin after they actually lose all that weight. Some people are struggling to provide for their family in an hourly blue collared job. Everyone had insecurities even though they might not mention it.

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i have been where you are,for 25 years i have been searching,but now i have excepted my life,roaccutane saved me from much more damage,i cannot change my skin,i still have a life to live.


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I have to say that I am a very lucky girl. I have great things in my life and feel blessed for them. My insecurity is my scarring and im not a vain person for the most part.  I live a comfortable life, I dont hide out my house and I dont shy away from  people but I do not like the conditon of my skin. Aging has also not helped.

I have been on this site for a long time. There has also been years where I dont come visit here and dont think twice about them. Im just going through this time in which I am starting to think that my skin is worse than I previously thought. I know that I dont have severe scarring but it still affects me. I also never care about seeing scarring on anyone else or pay much attention to it on others in my daily activities. 

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