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Peter Scott

Cure to body acne

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Anyone here cured the leaky gut, candida, malassezia, dermatitis and fungal acne on the body caused by leaky gut, candida, malassezia, carbs, sugar like in the pictures? Some people never had problems in the skin in the past. They eated a lot of ibuprofen capsules, pizzas, cookies, brown rice, canned coffee, artificial juices, ice creams, breads for months and started to has dermatitis and fungal acne on the body when eat carbs, gluten, grains, starched vegetables, sugar, fruits, dairy, coffee, industrialized foods. They did many tests and nothing wrong was found in endoscopy, blood test, foods allergy test, urine test, feces test, computadorized tomography of intestine, colonoscopy. The doctors don’t know what is the leaky gut, what caused the skin problems, how to treat, how to cure. They only prescribed antibacterial lotion, antifungal cream to put in the fungal acne. But the these drugs don’t work for dermatitis. Antifungal cream work to cure the fungal acne, but don’t decrease the dermatitis. Some dermatitis don’t decrease, other dermatitis decrease without medications. The patients self diagnosed in leaky gut and are doing the vegan candida diet eating only non starched vegetables including beans to manage the symptoms. The dermatitis is like in the pictures. Look like keratosis pilaris. Fungal acne, dermatitis always come back again when they eat carbs, sugar, including rice, fruits. Any suggestion to cure? Anyone here had this and cured? Only vegan candida diet including beans, packed algae seaweed wakame can cure this without any supplement like glutamine, probiotic capsules, antifungal oral capsule can cure the dermatitis, body acne caused by leaky gut, candida, malassezia, carbs, sugar? If yes, why yes? If not, why not?



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