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red face

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oh honey, you are so gorgeous!! i know you feel insecure but you don't need to be!

maybe that is roseacea?? (ok that's the wrong spelling, i apologize)

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I have a pal who had that same problem. He went to see the derm, who told him that he had an infection under the skin. He didn't have very many pimples, just a lot of redness and quite oily skin. He went on Accutane for abit, and now has perfect skin. As for me, I have the same redness as you, but only on the nose. I've been on Accutane for 5 months, and the redness hasn't cleared, so it could be something else. I've been using an Aloe Vera gel on it twice a day, for maybe 3 days now, becasue that's supposed to help as well. My advice is to talk to the derm about it.

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If your using BP that could be causing some of the redness... after using bp for a while my whole face turned red. If i was you i would try not washing or irritating skin in anyway for a couple days.

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I looked at your face (and even though I'm a guy lol) I saw my skin.

It's been like this for so long, and I'd try all kinds of acne meds to get rid of it.

Perhaps I should hop on over to my derm...

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i dont know anything about how to cure it but if you can get your hands on green foundation that should help to disguise it!

u really are very pretty as everyone else said!

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I couldn't see the picture, but if you are suffering from a red face all the time, you should try eating foods that have more of a 'cooling' effect on your body. My ancestry is persian and they believe that most imbalance in health comes from not having the right balance of foods. It is quite similar to Ayuverda. While that system is more specific and you have to relate it to your body and personality type, there are a few small things I could recemond, such as trying to eat less fast food and greasy food, minimize your spicy food intake, try to eat a lot of fresh fruit, particularly melons (watermelon, canteloup, honeydew), peaches, grapes etc. I believe yogurt was something else that is extremely cooling for the body. (When i say cooling I don't mean just in temperature, it's hard to explain though). My mother has rosacea and when she eats 'warmer' foods, her rosacea is more aggresive. Things that set her off are things like peanuts, oily foods, and spicy foods. Also try eating simple and whole foods.......whole wheat, brown rice, oatmeal, buckwheat, millet, vegetables ....etc a less red meat as it is heavy and congests you and begins to rot in your intestines and this congestion doesn't allow the body to cool as effeciently creating a stuffy atmosphere in your body where heat is trapped (and now I am talking about actual temperature). You could also try washing your face with colder water if you use hot water. And generally just pay attention to what types of things your skin is sensitive to and what types of things it improve it or make it worse.

If you feel that any of these things are not changes you want to make and are comfortable with just having brighter skin (I know as someone who suffers from acne I would kill to have smooth skin even if it was red, and probably wouldn't be as concious about my lifestyle and diet as I am now.)

I hope this helps at all.

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Yeh, i was just thinking say for example you have rosacea and red marks left from acne would that make the red marks caused by acne even more red and is taht why sometimes the redmarks change colours in that it goes from a light red in the morning biggrin.gif to a more serve red evil.gif during the evening. Because i find that my redmarks change its redness from morning to night all the time some time it would go really light and the next time i look in the mirror it will be horrible like some one has just used a permanent red marker on my face.

what could be wrong?

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