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Isotretinoin three months

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Hi everyone, probably it was a mistake to start to use Isotretinoin in March... Yes, because I decided to do it three months ago and I thought to stop it at the end of June. I know that the complete therapy should last about six months but I stopped because of Summer. 

Well, immediately after I stopped to take Isotretinoin I had a big worsening, (even much worser than before to start it!). Why? It's like I never started the therapy, nothing has worked until now? And the situation is even worse than before?! 


Thank u

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No it's not dangerous. Only thing that I can think of is that your skin might burn easier under the sun and maybe take a bit longer to heal under the drug

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Did the doctor do any tests to diagnose the cause of the acne before prescribing istretinoin?

Did they identify the specific cause as being bacterial, fungal, microscopic demodex skin mites or hormonal?  They can do diagnostic tests to nail down the cause of the problem.  Unfortunately, many doctors don't bother to test.  They do visual exams and basically guess.

Isotretinoin reduces the skin's oil output.  The first 3 causes feed off of the skin oil.  So it doesn't directly attack the cause, it just reduces what's feeding the cause of the skin issues.  If starvation hasn't killed off the microbes causing the acne, it can rebound when isotretinoin is stopped.  Rebounds seem to happen to quite a few people. 



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I agree that it is important not to stop on your own, and you should do everything under close supervision of a doctor when it comes to isotretinoin.

Please let us know what's up at this point if you get back to this thread.

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