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How Changing My Diet Cleared My Acne

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Hi Everyone,

I will try to to keep this as short and sweet as possible.  

So I started to develop severe (painful) cystic acne when I was about 15.  I went on my first round of accutane when I was 17 as the acne got worse and worse.  It cleared up my skin completely for about a year post treatment, then it came back when I was in my first year of college.  The acne developed from normal small pimples to cystic acne again so I went on a second round of accutane when I was about 20.  Again my skin cleared up and remained clear for about a year post treatment.  Again it came back and became cystic again.  I decided after 2 rounds of accutane to change my diet when the acne came back and went vegan for about 2 years.  In the beginning I saw a significant improvement for a few months and then the cystic acne came back when I was about 22.  I again went on another course of accutane (the 3rd one) and again my acne cleared up and remained clear for about 2 years post treatment.  I thought by this point I was about 23 that my acne would be gone since I was moving deeper into adulthood.  I was wrong, the cystic acne started to come back again at about 25.  I tried numerous over the counter treatments in an attempt to control the breakouts but they persisted and began to get worse until I turned 26.  At this point I felt like I was out of options and stuck with acne for the rest of my life.  That is until I went completely carnivore for a couple months.  Within a matter of weeks my cystic acne had completely cleared up and there were no new pimples.  I then slowly this year began to introduce new foods back into my diet but remain keto.  I have identified the dietary culprit for my acne and it is carbs.  Without fail if I consume any carb laden foods I will breakout immediately with large cysts.  

I am sharing this story because I understand what it’s like to live with severe acne and feel completely hopeless after numerous attempts at treatment.  I must say this whole experience has left my pretty disgusted with the current knowledge in the field and the dermatologist’s gut reaction to just prescribe drugs.  I was told by multiple dermatologists that diet doesn’t affect acne.  This is simply not true.  

Try many diets, I have friends who have suffered from acne and different diets work for them.  Some people may be affected by carbs, others by fats, etc.  I found that a strict elimination diet (like carnivore) was the best way to identify foods that cause flare ups.  

I hope this helps someone out there.  The mental health impact of acne is really severe for some.  I went into deep depression during my bouts with cystic acne, especially after so many years of dealing with it.  Stay strong! <3



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Congrats man! 

There's so much science out there on why elimination and carnivore style diets cure acne, many people just don't want to believe 

If you're curious about why it clears acne I'm happy to answer any questions [Removed promotional content]

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