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Hair Loss possibly caused by Accutane

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Hello I am 21, I successfully went through a 1 year long accutane treatment and finished July 2019. After around 3 months in October I started to notice that my hair in the front was extremely brittle. After a few days, it started to fall out and I started to feel an almost swelling pain in my head which hasn’t subsided since. I’ve always had extremely thick hair, the first photo is a photo of October. A month later it started to go deeper into my scalp which is the second photo. Ever since then I’ve been losing about 100-500 hairs per day depending on the day, and it feels almost irregular sometimes like one day my head feels like it’s under a lot of pressure and I’m losing a lot of hair, and other days it feels like nothing and I lose nothing. Since then it’s got much worse and deeper into my scalp but my hair is also growing back in the area it fell out first so I’m not sure if it’s just some sort of shedding disease. I’ve been to a doctor and he told me that I probably have some form of telogen effluvium that may also be mixed with male pattern baldness. The days where I have hair fall seem to be getting farther from another but I’m just curious to if anyone else has experienced something like this, it seems like I can’t find anyone who’s had this same hair loss at 21 years old so rapidly. 







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I got this problem too but mine wasn’t as bad as your, but I’ve been off accutane for a year and I’m still losing strands of hair. 

No matter what dermatologists will just still shrug this off as nothing 

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