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Demodex Skin Mites can cause acne like skin disease - Overlooked by many dermatologists - Get tested if you have "hard to treat" acne

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If your dermatologist did not test you for Demodex mites, you should ask them to do so.  Since their discovery in 1840, medical students were wrongly taught that these mites do no harm.  In the last 12 years some have begun to realize how wrong that assumption was.  

Microscopic Demodex Skin mites are found on all humans over the age of 5.  They eat skin oil.  If they become overpopulated, the mites can cause large blackheads, papules and pustules any where on the body with an oil gland.  They can also cause dry irritated red eyes (blepharitis demodex / ocular rosacea).

Demodex can coexist with both fungal and bacterial skin infections.  The mites can track fungus and bacteria around the skin and down in the pores making those conditions worse and harder to treat.  Accutane can reduce the skin oil and starve the mite population down.   The mites may rebound after the Accutane is stopped allowing the skin problems to return.

The anti-parasitic, combined Oral Ivermectin + Oral Metronidazole treatment worked for me after decades of being misdiagnosed with bacterial acne. The report on this treatment was published in the International Journal of Infectious disease in 2013. Treatment takes 2 weeks using Oral Ivermectin and Oral Metronidazole. Insurance copay was just $13.03 (Uninsured retail about $52 USD.

Article: "Evaluation of the efficacy of oral ivermectin in comparison with ivermectin–metronidazole combined therapy in the treatment of ocular and skin lesions of Demodex folliculorum"   Cut and paste the link into your browser as it sometimes does not directly connect to the article.  Other option Google this article name in case the link breaks.


Pictures of the various skin conditions caused by demodex are below:


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8 hours ago, Shoober said:

Do you think anything related to this thread may be related to these mites? 

I have these "plugs". Currently mid flare up and mental break down. |::strongsad:

Possible, but its best to get a competent dermatologist to test your skin to get an accurate diagnosis.   Recommend you get tested for bacterial infection,  fungal infection and demodex.  If hormones are an issue they can do blood tests for hormone and thyroid hormone levels.  The treatment for each of these skin conditions is completely different.  Once you get the diagnosis nailed down, they can prescribe the right treatment to clear the skin.

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