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confused what treatment to do next ?

nah, the scars are so minor, it's really just the texture now, it looks a little fried, which often happens with laser.  Maybe some gridding still to go away. Concentrate on repairing the moisture barrier.  You look like you may have some rosacea, so maybe try some Finacea cream. Next step would be restalyne  skinboosters to plump the skin.

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would the restalyne boosters smooth out all the texture? as the texture still looks pretty rough - would maybe some micro-needling or prp help with that? just want to try get it looking flat skin texture and not so poreous and bumpy looking 

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20 hours ago, mark2020 said:


I had c02 ablative laser around 6/7 months ago for acne scarring from a well know London derm.  It was never suggested to do any other treatment that just the laser and I thought would be the end of my skin problems and paid quite a lot for it. to be fair a couple of larger scars seem  slightly better but my over all skin texture after healing is awful. 

I think its even slightly worse than before.  Its not super bad deep scar, but the overall texture is just bad. I'm a little unsure if this is still scaring or just really bad pores?  I cleanse once a day and use a retin-A and also every second day an acid and also a high sength one so my pores should be pretty clear?

if this is still scarring what next shall I do?  the derm I went to never replies to my emails its very hard to get a response,  just tells me it can take a year to see results from the laser but I know the texture i've been left with isn't going to improve as its been 6 months. 

 should I try subcision, tca Cross? another laser? I just want to get a smooth skin like surface - even if I'm left with a few scars Its fine, just the overall texture I don't want these little tiny holes. any suggestions?





Your skin still looks inflamed/irritated, so I think it would be counterintuitive to receive more invasive treatments. For the time being, I suggest you apply plain yogurt on the affected area to bring down the inflammation.

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1 hour ago, BeneficialCell said:

This poster had similar skin texture issues following laser, the boosters looked like they smoothed it a lot.

great, thanks for the help, the boosters def look like it helped smooth out the skin, will give it a go and let you know how it goes 

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