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Something that really really annoys me!

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Is the pictures of young women who've never had acne in their life being used on websites and leaflets for products and treatments for scarring.

I've just been looking through lots of websites for advice about using AHA's after laser resurfacing and its just sick the way these pictures are used. I know the idea is that you're supposed to think a certain product or treatment will give you perfect skin just like the woman in the photograph, but please..we all know perfection isn't possible and that those women have never suffered like we have. To me its like a huge taunt.

I guess its bothering me now more than ever because after going through hell my skin has actually improved a hell of a lot, but its still way short of that egg shell perfect complexion we all dream of.

Sorry but I just had to vent.

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Hey sweetheart,

you have all the right to be feeling this way and the right to let it out, good, you are strong.

I have been modeling and done local TV shows, before, let me tell you, the pictures you see are just bullshit. they are not real! if you just knew how much the right lighting can do to a person's face. First of all they have a perfect make up on, already, so the flaws are already camuflaged by that, and then they have these "beauty" soft lights all around them which makes even the ugliest person look gorgeous. If you saw my face in those pictures (the modeling pics) and then looked at me face to face afterwards, you would not recognize me, not that I am ugly, but never even close to what the pictures looked like.

So do not worry. You have done lots of work and you have to be proud about it, and I am sure you look great even without being perfect, we all have lots of little flaws, that is what makes us unique and look beautiful



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