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Combating Dryness and Flaky Skin while on the Regimen

Dear all, 

I have been on the regimen for 2 months and I think I may have figured out how to combat the dryness and flaky skin issue that many of us face. 

For 1.5 months, I was using the Acne.org moisturiser. I really like using the Acne.org moisturiser because it is easy to spread, and has a matte finish when it dries. 

However, despite applying the moisturiser multiple times during the table, my skin still feels dry and begins to feel tight by 4pm daily. I place a bottle of the acne.org moisturiser at my office desk so that I can use it generously and frequently. I am convinced that while it is a good moisturiser, it does not absorb into the skin as readily. 

Over the last 2 weeks, I decided to replace the acne.org moisturiser with the Cerave Moisturizing Cream. I am using the one with the Pump packaging. On the first day that I started using the Cerave Moisturiser, I noticed an instant change. It absorbs very well into the skin. In addition, I did not need to re-apply the moisturiser during the day. One application in the morning before I leave home is sufficient. I typically use 1/2 a pump of the Cerave moisturiser. I know 1/2 pump does not seem alot, but 1/2 pump is equivalent to 1 full pump of the Acne.org's pump mechanism.

After washing my face and pat dry, I notice that my skin was not flaky or dry. It was a refreshing change!

These days, I would put half a pump of Cerave onto my palm, and mix 2 or 3 drops of Acne.org's jojoba oil onto the Cerave moisturiser. Afterwhich, I would apply it on my skin. Do not worry about being too shiny due to the jojoba oil, as the Cerave moisturiser is very matte in finish, and it neutralises the shiny effect of jojoba oil. Combining the jojoba oil with Cerave is the most moisturising combination I have come across on my journey. 

Acne.org's AHA is also very compatible with the Cerave moisturiser. On alternate nights, I would apply AHA after applying the Cerave moisturiser. The results have been brilliant. 

On certain days, I would go as far as to applying 3 pumps of BP on my skin. Despite the high dosage, the Cerave and Jojoba Oil combination never fail to hydrate my skin sufficiently. 

2 months into my Acne.org journey, I am glad that I found a way to combat the dryness and flaky skin situation. My skin is very clear now, and whenever I wash my face, it feels so sooth. I do have a couple of pigmentation which are slowly fading.

Hope this helps anyone who is facing Dryness and Flaky Skin! If you do try out the tips I mentioned above, please let me know if it worked for you!

Thank you


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