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Oral hygiene and facial acne

Posted (edited)

Well I'm sure this has likely been discussed on here many times over, but for whatever reason I must have missed it. I've not done a search to see but hopefully this could make a difference to some people as it's been a real breakthrough for me after years of battling acne and dermatillomania. 

It's so simple it's almost embarrassing. 

I would predominantly break out on my jawline, around my mouth, either side of my nose and the middle of my cheeks, and had got into a bad habit of only brushing my teeth once a day since splitting from my ex. Using mouthwash infrequently also. 

And what do you know, a week into brushing and using mouthwash after every meal I've had zero new spots and my pores have reduced in size. A few tiny blocked pores here and there (as you'd expect) but no infection. 

So I had to share. 

It's so obvious now that the soft tissues of the mouth hold bacteria that can break through to the surface. 

Very sad to think of all the scarring caused by a simple oversight and years of trial and error with different acne products/treatments and diet/lifestyle changes. 

When I look back, my skin has always cleared up when I've been in a relationship/cohabiting and I thought it was because I was in love. Turns out I was just being more conscious about oral hygiene. 


I really hope this helps someone. 

I had an infected tooth last year that was giving me ear infections and still never made the acne connection. 

My heart goes out to everyone suffering. Take care. ♡ 

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