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Subcision + Suction treatment with underwhelming results

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I am currently 2 weeks after I got a subcision on my forehead and temples and I don't see any change to before. I paid $985 for the treatment and started to suction with a manual chinese cupping style pump on the 5th day after the treatment and continued until yesterday. After 9 days I switched to a microdermabrasion device with a much smaller nozzle which worked much better. In the original study they used one with a 5mm sized nozzle so it makes sense that this would yield the best results.

Anyway comparing my face to pictures of before I see like no results at all. I am really disappointed and I am wondering what went wrong. I will post before/after pictures in 2 weeks when I am 4 weeks post procedure. I took 50 mg of zinc daily and didn't touch or washed my face for the first 5 days, after that I only used a mild soap and cetaphil to moisturize it.

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Is it your first subcision? You cant expect miracles just from one treatment unfortunately. You'll need to keep repeating.

Dont give up yet :)

P.S. if you didn't hear a lot of popping and tearing noises while the subcision was performed then the doctor probably didn't do a good job and you should look for someone better. Although I'm not sure if it's the same when treating the forehead and temples, so maybe someone else can comment on that.

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to be honest subcision by iself is not that great. It is only good for for rolling scars that look like indents. Forget about fixing boxcars and rolling scars with it. It take multiple treatments to see any success with scars. However, this totally anectodal but when combined with Infini RF, I saw good results, where it generated fill in my face and also when combined with fillers it can help ease injection due to less fibrosis in the skin and donuting. 

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11 hours ago, tryinghard123 said:

just do bellafill or silikon 1000 with phenol cross and it will be fixed nearly 100 percent!!! guaranteed


I agree with this partially. I found phenol cross + fillers to be far more effective than anything else. I would just be careful with permanent fillers though and go to a real professional that specializes in it.

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joeysk i absolutely agree I think Dr Rullan is by far the best acne scar doctor in the world?  so many good reviews of him im visiting him from Australia...they are useless here


Australia has no permanent filler nor phenol cross specialists!!!

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Wait a second. If I were in Australia, I'd be going to the Victoria Institute to see Dr. Gavin Chan. 

I agree that permanent fillers are especially tricky. If you don't like the result, you can't dissolve it AND a member messaged me about his/her experience with it and that person now has permanent inflammation.

Can we see some before and after pictures?

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My recommendation is do not do permanent fillers like Bellafill. Some derms will try to talk you into it, but it's not worth having something that can't be dissolved if it gives off side effects or moves around your face. If you do a second subcision in 3 months, try a filler like Voluma and see how that holds up. 

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