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Please help me! White heads/Folliculitis? On chin & upper lip for a year

I'm desperate I have no idea how to solve this. I've been on Accutane for 2 weeks for what I hoped would be a last resort, but I'm worried i've been misdiagnosed and that this is not even acne... Every day and through-out the day, and night, I get white heads that emerge on my chin and upper lip (only!). The only thing that ever made it go away is Doxycline, which makes me think it's clearly bacterial. Also, from doing hours of research it appears to be Folliculitis? I fixed my diet (paleo), drink lots of water, use aftershave, but none of that stuff is working. The only thing that worked was Doxy (which is not a long term solution). I'm not sure if it's caused by shaving, I look awful with a beard and would prefer not to grow one out. The vast majority of the white heads/pustules don't have a hair sticking out in the middle (but i've observed some that do). Has anyone had this type of bacterial white head / pustule like eruption consistently persist in their chin/upper lip area.. and been able to fix it? (Pictures attached). 










Screenshot at Feb 22 08-36-18.png

Screenshot at Feb 22 08-36-58.png

Screenshot at Feb 22 08-37-21.png

Screenshot at Feb 22 08-37-41.png

Screenshot at Feb 22 08-38-13.png

Screenshot at Feb 22 08-38-32.png

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I would speak to your dermatologist immediately. Accutane probably has caused an initial flair up for whatever this is. They would be best able to give you something for it to subside.

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Hi! So I am going through the same thing (not on Accutane yet though) I believe I have gram negative folliculitis. Have you talked to your derm? Is the Accutane starting to work?

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