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Consulted with two Plastic Surgeons in my area

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So, I went to two reputable surgeons in my area to get their opinions on my best options. Murphy's Law--I made the appointments and then as I waited, I decided not to mess with the scar. Almost immediately, I started noticing it improving. (I had been microneedling the spot every two weeks with a 0.5mm stamp for the past two months.) There was certainly improvement between the time I scheduled and the appointments.

They both had the same opinion...it's really not that noticeable. I could do nothing. They do understand how I feel though...that it bothers ME. Their suggestion, if I really wanted to do something, was NOT to attempt anything that required cutting like excision, scalpel or punch. Even subcision is a bad idea--the risks of further scarring and lumps, etc...the outcome would likely NOT be better looking than what I currently have. They also both steered away from any aggressive laser treatments. They didn't think they would provide improvements that would justify the costs or trauma.

They both recommended that I stick with microneedling.

I do have to say, Dr. Glaser in Chesterton, IN was really good. He listened well and addressed all my options and questions. Even though my small scar is not a money-maker, he took his time and was very attentive and thorough. Also, his office offers RF (Secret RF), whereas the other is just a Dermapen. 

I have decided that I am going to proceed with the Secret RF treatments. I have my first one next Thursday afternoon. They are going to go ahead and do my whole face. I'm kind of excited....when I look back over the past year--my skin has responded well and I've seen pretty significant improvement with just home DIY microneedling...so I am hopeful that the boost of a professional RF treatment will provide me the results I've been seeking.  (I would like to note: the scar will be two years old in May.)

 Wish me luck!

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Good luck with the treatment! That said, I had an appointment with a derm in December who has Secret RF, and she warned me of possible volume depletion. There's risk that things will look worse with any treatment so just be careful and do your aftercare right. 

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