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Broken Blood Vessels and Redness after vomiting

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Hey everyone,

I've been freaking out the past few days because I had a stomach virus last Friday which resulted in a lot of vomiting to the point where it appears blood vessels in my face have now burst and now I have a lot of redness and blotchy marks.

I'm wondering can anyone confirm if this is going to be permanent or will it fade eventually and if so, how long does it typically take?

I've already been dealing with acne issues for the past 10 years and was on roaccutane a few years ago. Since I finished roaccutane, I've been content with the way my skin has looked but now I'm concerned about the state of my skin all over again.

Hopefully, someone can ease my mind on this.

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Difficult to say but broken capillaries are permanent. It could be that your capillaries are simply dilated for the moment. You have to wait until you recover. But even if it is not the case, it is easily removed with laser ( vbeam and/or ktp) in only one to three sessions in most cases. These type of laser are usually the cheapest so you don't have to invest a lot. 

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I had this experience 2 years ago and I never worried to much because I considered it like a bruise. In about 2 weeks it healed nicely, hadn't thought about it since. 

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