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Adult Acne - nothing has worked

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I am 29. In the past 2-3 years my cheek acne has become awful. I think it’s cystic. Large red bumps, which i don’t pop but still scarring all over. I have tried every serum, soap, spot treatment etc. I am currently using a PCA cleanser, vitamin c serum (am), murad moisturizer (am) and sunscreen. I am also using a retinoids (pm), hylaronic acid (pm), cerave moisturizer (pm) and bio oil (pm). it does not coincide with my period. 



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Stop using every cleanser, serum, moisteriser, spot treatment, basically everything.

Wash face twice a day with warm (not hot) water and use your hands (clean) to wipe around your face whilst splashing water. Pat your face dry and leave. If applying make up then remove in the evening with a baby wipe then repeat water wash method. In 4 weeks little to no acne.

You can thank me then :)

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You will have to work from the inside. I'm challenging you to be on a liquid diet for 7 days. If you see an improvement, you have found the solution for life whenever you break out. Drink only whole organic food. Make your own fresh fruit or vegetable juice. If you feel like having food like rice or potato or anything else, grind it into a soup.

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