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The final attempt on acne scars

Hello everyone!

I would like to start off with my acne/acne scars history. 

I started having really bad acne when I was in high school, back in 2011. At first, my skin started developing hundreds of deep white bumps under my skin. They were like small seeds, those just stayed there, deep under my skin and slowly grow over time. 

Many of them stayed under my skin for over years. Beginning of my junior year was when they started to come out. 

I had dealt with these big deep stuffs for over 4 years until most of them disappeared. There is still one under my skin, I think it's about 3 or 4 year old by now. 

I thought dealing with acne was the worst of all, I was wrong. The acne left, leaving angry looking ice pick scars. They were always red and angry looking. 

I tried all kind of cream, serum, laser, derma roller, tca cross. None of those worked except tca cross gave me about 20% improvements after many treatments. 

I kinda gave up on making the scars better, but still searching something to see if there was something new came out that could help me. I came a cross a story of this girl in Vietnam with her before and after pictures. She was dealing with very bad acne /acne scars for many years until she came across a type of serum from a small cosmetic company. It cleared her skin after 4 months and most of her scars improved 70%. 

After reading her story, I didn't ton of research on the products, and found many other before and after pictures of others people. I was so intrigued and hopeful. However, I didn't have time to start the treatment until now 2 years later. 

I'm in second week of using the product, Not expecting anything at this point, trying not to get my hope up too much. 

Anyway guys, have acne sucks, worse part of it is the scars. 

Leave me a comment below, I'll keep you updated. 

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