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Dutch Testing Results- Most Accurate Hormone Test- My Results

Hello Everybody!! 


I wanted to share my results that I discovered through the Dutch Test. Now, I've had acne since I was a young girl around 10 years old. It progressively worsened until I turned about 21-22. Then from there, my skin got a lot better and instead of having a face covered with acne, I now had a breakout during ovulation and maybe sometimes before my period however, it would instantly clear up as soon as I got my period. When I turned 25, I started to break out badly again. Nothing like it was when I was a teenager but just enough to get in the way of treating my scars. After all, how can I treat my scars when I'm still breaking out. I took multiple blood tests with my hormones to try to figure out what the cause of my acne is however everything was always normal. Then I discovered the dutch test which is a urine test which tests for a bunch of different hormones. I am not an expert on what this test entails of but I thought it was perfect to figure out what was really going on in my body and what steps to take. It was only like $300 and I was like what do I have to lose. I just received my results and would like to share my results. I am actually pretty shocked on what I found out and if anybody is more knowledgeable on hormones and have any recommendations on what to take, please let me know. I am only sharing the hormones that were out of range. 


Progesterone Metabolites 

1) a-Pregnanediol : High end of luteal range 


Estrogen Metabolites 


1) Estradial (E2) : Low end of luteal range 

2) Estriol (E3)  : Low end of luteal range 


Androgens: I am shocked because my testosterone is low however all the other androgens are high  


1) DHEA-S : High

2) Androsterone: High

3) Testostorone: Low

4) 5b-Androstanediol: Low 


Cortisol : My cortisol was all normal but my cortisone was not, wonder why this is? 


1) Cortisone A (waking) : low 

2) Cortisone C (afternoon) : low 

3) 24 Hour free cortisone: low 


I would also like to state that my vitamin b12 levels were low as were my dopamine and melatonin levels. Thats pretty much it. If anyone else takes the dutch test, please share your results as well to see if there is a connection. I do have high androgens symptoms like oily skin and hair on my chin however I've always had a low sex drive which is probably due to the low testosterone . How does one lower androgens and increase testosterone  Very tricky but if anybody has any feedback, please let me know! 





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