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Surface bump remains after pimple

Hello Team. I've seen y'all share your wisdom and experiences before, so I consider these forums team work to try and help each other with an acne issue.

Three weeks ago, I was dealing with a pimple that was red, gave me a raised bump, and was slightly painful. I put benzoil peroxide on it for a few nights to see if it would help it go down. Although the benzoil did not hep flatten it, it did help the pus or "white stuff" go to the top, so I did what we aren't supposed do and squeezed it.

Normally, after the "gunk" is squeezed out, the pimple flattens and then I've just had to deal with the red mark until I that goes away. But this time, the bump is still on my face, even though it's no longer painful to the touch and nothing comes out of it anymore. It's not as prominent as it was when it started, but it's still a bump and I have no idea why it has not flattened back to normal. My mother saw me without make up and told me I'm just making it worse by squeezing sometimes, but it's also hard for me not to try since again -- normally after the pus comes out, the pimples flatten.

I've attached a picture of how it was when I first got it. Has this ever happened to you? Should I wait/expect it to flatten on its own? And how long (it's been 3 weeks rn)?

Thanks for any help/suggestions/sharing of the same experience. 




Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 7.11.44 PM.png

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Def don’t touch it. I understand that you really want it to go away, but the moral is that picking it won’t help at all. Keep touching it and you may scar, doesn’t look like a scar rn, just an inflamed bump. I think it’ll go away with time, but you gotta help your skin. Help you help your skin and that begins with avoiding the urge to pick at things. I’ve suffered from the same thing and now have scars on my body, don’t pick at it!!!

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If a pimple comes to a head there's no reason not to squeeze it. Your skin pushes the infection outwards, hence why a head forms.


There's no benefit in squeezing it once the pus is out. Just leave it be.

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