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Finished Accutane but Red Marks and Scarring!

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I am new to this forum. There is a lot of good information on acne scar treatment and accutane.

I finished my last dose of Accutane about a month ago and am completely clear. (My acne was fairly mild, but I had been struggling with it for years.) The only problem now is that on my right cheek there are red marks and what looks to be mild scarring. I am extremely embrassed by it! I have been told by family and friends that it is hardly noticeable, but I am very self-consicous of it.

I have been told by my dermotologist that it will improve over the next six months or so and he has advised me not seek any medical treatments for the scarring such as chemical peels, etc. for at least six months after I finished accutane.

I was wondering if I could try something to help heal the red marks and improve the scarring, before the 6 month period is up.


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You need to wait at least 6 months to a year before doing any scar treatments. At that time, I would come back and check out the Frequently Asked Questions thread.

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jen, i was on accutane a few years ago and after a year or so my scars got better, not 100percent but im sure yours aren't as bad as mine. so keep your hope up! it's amazing how skin can repair itself over time..even with scars. my father is 60years old and had very bad acne scars on his cheeks when he was in his early twenties. now his scars are barely noticable.

i'm not going to wait 40years for mine to go away tho!


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