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Hey guys and gals. New here but in the same boat as you all. Found this comment on an acne thread on YouTube, which iv copied and pasted below. I'm looking for a new routine as have spent a fortune,  tried everything but nothing seems to work long term. Never tried just washing with warm water and be extra gentle on the skin. Opinions on this? 


Theres so much conflicting information out there on what's best for skin and particularly acne. Let me tell you now, simple is best. If your a teenager then you probably will get spots because of hormones, stop worrying about it and just ride it out. You can ease it by taking the right contraceptive (if your a girl) and don't hardly masturbate and take zinc (if your a boy). Control those hormones to control the acne. Diet does not cause acne, it's all rubbish ( other then zinc deficiency from to much ejaculation, so take zinc ) My brother is a fat bugger who lives on pot noodles, cheese toasties, cakes and sweets yet has flawless skin. Not a zit in sight yet shares the same Gene's as me. The difference between us was that I was like a rabbit on heat during puberty, banging one out every chance i had whilst he barely touched his. The more i did this, the more spots came, the more I washed and the more products I used, making the problem worse. My brother barely ever washed his face... Now, if your like me and suffered with acne right into the 20s, then like me you probably started using all sorts of products in your teens to fight the spots, which just made the problems worse. Iv tried accutane, retinol, gentle face washes, face scrubs, apple cider vinegar, peroxide, masks, oils, expensive creams, exfoliating....basically everything. I would have some periods where my skin would seem pretty good but still a little red and puffy, then 2 days later I would break out in several large inflamed zits. I just couldn't understand what I was doing wrong, I followed all the expert advice, washed my face regularly, moisteried used all sorts of potions but nothing worked. After lots of research my conclusion is that acne is mainly due to hormones but made much worse by wrecking our skin with products trying to fix the problem. My partner and I are both proof that hormones are the problem. She went on the combined pill as soon she started puberty, had flawless skin her whole life until she gave birth to our son at 24 years old. She then started having irregular bleeding so the doctors changed her contraceptive to a single pill and what do you know, her face exploded with acne. Over the course of 2 years she tried pretty much every contraceptive and all sorts of skin care products but her skin was gross. Eventually she went back on to the combined pill and within 2 weeks her skin was flawless again, I kid you not. I also realised in my 20s that the less I masturbated or had sex with partner, the better my skin was. Though I also started taking 40mg of zinc daily to counteract the 5-6mg lost during periods where I did do it a lot. That really helped. The thing that helped me the most though was stripping back my routine. All those years of cleansing and products had destroyed my skins own natural barrier. We're told to cleanse, tone, exfoliate etc etc it's all bollox. By leaving your pores all clear and open your allowing dirt, pollution, bacteria to all settle there. Your washing away your skins natural barrier and filling your pores with unnatural man made products. Your skin is constantly battling against it and how does it do this? By sending white blood cells to the area, causing inflammation and yep, acne. Its your skin trying to push out all the crap your putting in. So here is a routine for any one interested in good skin, follow the hormone control advice and this routine... Morning- splash face with lukewarm water. Do not rub just splash all over your face and neck. Do not use any soap, cleanser or anything in the morning, very important. Use a towel and press your face dry, again do not rub or tap it, press it. Your skin heals itself and builds a natural barrier overnight, you want to keep that there. Gentle Warm water is just enough to remove excess oil without taking away that natural barrier whilst stimulating the blood flow in the skin. Pressing dry your essentially pressing that natural barrier in to the skin. Then follow with a good natural moisteriser which essentially sits on top of that natural barrier and protects it. Do not rub the moisturiser in hard, in fact you barely want to be touching your skin at all, just a very gentle motion, almost dabbing it on. If your skin is moving as you rub then your rubbing to hard and fucking up that natural stuff. Let me be clear, you want your purse to be clogged! Sounds gross right? Wrong. . Your pores are now clogged with the stuff that your body naturally made to clog them, it's own natural resistance to dirt and bacteria. Which is also now reinforced by that layer of moisturiser on top. You haven't removed your natural barrier and replaced it with a fake one, you've made your own barrier stronger! You will notice within days how plump, nourished and just how soothed your skin is as it's no longer fighting itself. You may feel slightly greasy for few days but that's just skin learning to rebalance itself. It will improve. Evening- If your a girl, remove your make up with something natural that doesn't irritate. Then simply splash with warm water and press like you did in the morning. Then use serum of moisturiser of choice, though I often skip this in the evenings apart from a few dabs of vitamin c on to old spot Mark's. Every other day however, use a clean wet face cloth and very gently wipe around your face. I do this in the shower in the evening on day 2. This is just that bit extra to remove just that very top layer of dead skin and dirt but without removing stuff from the pores. Then splash. You'll find that even this very gentle form of exfoliating is enough in itself to make your skin look a bit red and puffy, so after that I keep it simple and spray on a natural toner/ moisturiser that contains rose water and aloe and I avoid touching at all. The less your irritate that natural barrier the better. Remember, treat your skin with love, be gentle to it, don't irritate it, let it do what it needs to do, just reinforce it. . That's pretty much it, simple right.. within a matter of a couple of weeks doing this routine I went from a red cheeked, spotty, greasy some days to dry the other type of man, to a smooth, no spots glowy complexion stud lol. Even when I wash my body in the shower I use a gentle soap only on pits, privates and feet, basically the bits that produce odour. The rest of my body I use just warm water and a gentle washcloth and let me tell you, the skin on my back is as soft as a babies ass. I use to get spots there as well frequently. So to summarise, get those hormones under control, whether that be the right contraceptive, less spanking the monkey etc, take zinc if your a guy and be just be kind to your skin.

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