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Pimple under skin

Hi.Firstly i want to apologize for posting this here because im very concerned.

Im 15 years old,and last year i've discovered something like apimple.It's underneath my skin,pretty small (not growing or moving) It doesn't cause me any pain on touch or anything like that,it just sit's there positidoned just infront of my ear. Its not visible from the outside but you can feel it with a finger. I had one of those on each side.Last year i went with my mother to the doctors (not so good in Bosnia but atleast it's a doctor). After feeling it for a long time he didn't knew what it was. So he told us to come to the hospital ina  few days,when we did i went to short surgery under local anestesia so that they clean it up i guess? I got rid of that pimple on my left ear but still have one on the right. Tried searching on the Internet but couldn't find a clue to what it is. Everything's been good since that operation,everything went fine,pretty bad scar left but what can i do. Now my main question is,what is it that was there? I told my mother about it and we will soon be going to remove the one pimple infront of my right ear that's left..

Im sorry if you can't understand some of it,English isn't my native language and im not very fluent. If anyone needs any more explanations please tell me.

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you mind showing me this scar ? and i think its best not to worry about it , unless its causing pain emotionally or physically 

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