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How many mg of Spiro are you taking?

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I've been on 50 mg of Spiro for about 5 months now and I still get some small persistent pimples on my chin, under the nose and a little bit on one cheek. It's very mild, but because my skin scars easily even mild pimples can leave some indents. Also, my chin crease has those annoying pustules almost everyday. I also take Yasmin which already include some Spiro, so wondering if I should up it... my weight is 141, height 5'8, how much are you guys taking? How much worked and how much didn't for you? 


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I take 100mg, when I was on 50mg I had the same issue. My new derm says he usually starts with 100mg bc that’s what’s needed to see results.

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i take 100mg and it works very very well and has done so for over 7 years. i would definitely up your dose to 100mg. i don't think it works that well on any dose less. some people even have to go up to 150mg. good luck with everything.

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I will try upping the dose... how do you guys deal with the mouth dryness, if you have any? It gets worse on higher dosage for me 

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I will have to come off spiro unfortunately. It seems to work for my skin, but gives a lot of unbearable side effects. My mouth is dry, I'm always thirsty and my insomnia has worsened to especially after upping the dose to 100mg. I haven't experienced the insomnia the first time around with spiro, some years ago. I wake up with dry mouth and lips, wanting to pee, my heart raising and can't fall back asleep even after only sleeping for 3 h. Will have to find another alternative for my acne. :(

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