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Severe acne scars


It's been around 6 months since I've been off accutane and it has left me with some bad scarring. (The picture doesn't show the true severity of the scars. Maybe around 80% of it). What treatments can I do for these scars and how much improvement, realistically, can I expect from them? I'm keen on doing subcision+filler and fractional laser but I'm not sure since I still get a bit of acne occassionally..


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I know it may feel severe because of the change you see before you, but this isn't considered severe. You have mild rolling scars. Yes, subcision is the right way to go. Ideally, you should not be breaking out anymore for scar treatment, but there are some derms who might go ahead with subcision, and at the same time do some form of an infrared, blue/red light or IPL, depending on your type of acne, and how often you break out. 

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Maybe these pictures don't fully capture your scarring, but they don't look that deep.   I think subcision and fillers is a good place to start.  Usually lasers are left towards the end because they're only somewhat useful for softening the sharp edges of scars.  They do next to nothing for filling in scars, ignore all the company marketing BS.   

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