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I just wanted to post something about my experience with TCA Cross. I went to Dr Weiner in FL. He performed TCA cross with an 80% solution of TCA Cross. I have a lot of Ice pick scarring with some minor boxcars on my cheeks. In the past, I have gotten Eclipse skin pen (2 times) and Vivace RF microneedling done (once) at places in GA. Dr Weiner was very knowledgeable, nice and didn't try to push additional procedures on me.

I live about 5 hours away from his office in GA. When I set up the appointment they had me pay $125 for a consultation and gave me access to an app so I could upload photos and Dr. Weiner reviewed them. He did a preliminary consultation and made recommendations. This was done so he had an idea of what procedures I may need so I could get treatment the same day as my first in person appointment. He originally recommended TCA Cross, Genius RF, and subcision.

I went to my appointment on Friday, Dec 27th. The office is very modern, clean, and I got to see the beach on the way in. Didn't really expect that this was a family business. The staff was very nice to me and the office was very relaxing. I decided to only sign the concent for TCA cross. I was then taken by Sandy to take a lot of photos of my face, three different rooms with different lighting and different cameras. Sandy Weiner talked to me about the procedure and let me know what to expect. She was very knowledgeable and nice as well. I then met Dr Weiner and he performed another consultation because photos can only show so much. He touched my face, moved the light around my face, and looked at my scars. He then told me that he didn't think I needed subcision and that it seemed most of my scarring was superficial. However, he did recommend TCA Cross. He did say I could continue the skin pen or get laser done in addition, but didn't say I needed to get it done there or that it would be required. 

Sandy then cleaned my face and used a degreaser. Dr. Weiner then started TCA Cross. There was no real pain, every so often I would feel a slight burn but it was hardly noticeable. The whole procedure took maybe 15 minutes at most. After he completed, Sandy put on neosporin (basically) to the cheek areas he treated. He was very adamant about wound care and that I want to keep the area moist. They provided me with little packages of neosporin like ointment and I paid $400. He recommended I return in about 4-6 weeks. 

Overall, looking at the office and the fact he is considered a plastic surgeon ... I expected to pay more. I was very happy with the whole experience. There is one place I've found in GA that charges about $1200 for TCA cross. I'd never heard of the doctor and that seemed a bit overpriced to me. I have heard of Dr. Weiner before on real self and on this site so I decided to go to see him.

So far it has only been a few days. No scabs have formed on the places he treated but they are red. But if I overlook the red the scar that was there is currently looking better. The red tone makes it look more prominent to me, or just highlighting the scar more than before. In my research, I have found Dr Lim stating you do not want scabs to form and Dr. Weiner told me that keeping the area moist was the most important part. So I'm thinking after TCA Cross the ideal process is for redness but no scabs. I have read a lot of people on here saying the scabs formed and fell off ... then the treated scar looking worse. 

I will upload photos of before and photos I took today before slathering my cheeks with neosporin. Everyone's journey is going to be different. It has been difficult for me, I didn't get acne until I was 25 and after 6 months of accutane I was left with all this ice pick scarring. 

The first two are before of each cheek and the next ones are showing the redness of where I was treated.





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