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Acne scar treatments I’ve done


The pictures on the left are before I did any treatments. Unfortunately that was years ago so my camera quality wasn’t as good. I’m actually quite happy with my results. Some scars are almost gone. Most are much more shallow. I used to only be able to see my scars. They’re starting to improve enough that I can see past them now. I’ve accepted the fact that they’ll never be gone completely, but gradual improvement is enough for me. 

ive done 4 rounds of subcision ($6,000 total)

ive done 3 laser treatments ($1800 total)

Ive done 2 dermapen treatments ($500 total)

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what kind of fillers did you get with subcision? 1500 per sessions seems kind of steep for nokor only. have you thought about phenol cross? it's meant for deep scars but can remold shallower boxcars too.

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On 12/23/2019 at 12:16 PM, slide. said:

Your results are great!  Where were your treatments performed and what laser treatments did you get?

My subcisions were performed by Dr Morganroth in mountain view California. No fillers were used (California skin institute)

my laser and dermapen were performed in Miami at Bowes Dermatology. The laser was called icon xd :)

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I've heard of Morganroth, I'm in Cali as well. Feel like you got overcharged if those prices are accurate. I don't think lasers are going to help with your scars too much. If you take pictures with angled lighting or look at your reflection sideways off your laptop screen, you'll see that they're deeper then they look in these pics. That's how these doctors are trying to sell lasers to us even though it's near impossible to improve atrophic scarring. Believe me, I tried with erbium ablative last summer and after the swelling went down in 3-4 weeks, scars appeared again. You also got to do either filler or chinese cupping after the swelling subsides from subcision. Scars will retether and you just go on this endless cycle of paying for subcisions. You're a beautiful girl though, so don't worry too much about it. Just want you to not have to spend a ton of hard earned dollars to these docs. 

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