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Help. What do you recommend? I feel ugly and it’s killing my confidence

Hi all. I have severe scarring on my chin, ice pick scarring randomly on my cheeks, boxcar on my temples and random Ice pick on my forehead. I’m a mess. Most of it is from severely hormonal cystic acne during my pregnancy at the age of 30. I’ve always had a little scarring that didn’t affect my life but It’s destroying me now. I feel ugly, worthless and helpless. Please tell me what you recommend. Microneedling 2 sessions did nothing but make more tiny holes/divots in my skin and give me orange peel texture. I’m seeing two cosmetic surgeons in the next 2 months. One is Dr. Mandrea in Chicago that I got from this site. The other is a local cosmetic dermatologist who has good reviews on acne scarring. 

thank you in advance 



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can't see jack.

ice picks you have to do TCA cross or better phenol cross space 3 of them 6-8 weeks apart

subcision and HA filler or subcsion and sculptra if your scars are more widespread and close together. You dont have to to subs and filler together you can do them on seperate months.

Infini to finish off, always 6-8 weeks apart.

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