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Help! What to do with these scars?

Hi all! 

Ive has acne since I was 14 and am now 32. As my mom nicely puts it, I’ve always had it. What was a few bumps here and there turned in to cystic acne in my late 20s and horrible outbreaks during pregnancy. My scarring is getting me down a lot. I tried microneedling and I feel it made dents and divots in my skin and brought out worse scarring on my right cheek. I remember when I was 18 and got the zits on my cheek but never once saw any of this scarring until I had my son and hit my 30s. Now I’m panicking. What would be a good treatment for me? My chin is the absolute worst. This doesn’t do it justice. I’ve got rolling scars all over the sides of my mouth due to that being the primary place I got cystic acne. 

My routine is I was my face with hydrating cleanser, use B5 HA serum for hydration, CerAVe PM and aquaphor over my face if I’m feeling dry or need a boost. I also use Tretinoin .025% every other night in addition to Spironolactone 50mg a day. I still get 1-2 zits a month but much better than the gigantic 8-10 a month while pregnant. 

I see Dr. Mandrea in Chicago, IL on February 21st. Id like to do subcision and filler for my right cheek and maybe my chin. A recommendation I got from this website. Thank you for your help in advance! 



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Image is blurry but looks like you have some deeper icepicks that TCA cross or phenol cross can help with. it's a more rarer technique but I recommend finding a phenol cross due to less scar widening, try calling around and see if they do it. Chicago is a big city so someone should be able to do it. Subcision and filler are a must too. 

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