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[HELP WANTED] I get a single new pimple everyday on my forehead

Hello everybody,

Thanks a lot for having clicking on this topic! I really need your help!

Like many of us, I am struggling with acne:

Everyday, I have a new pimple growing on my forehead/temple area only (almost nowhere else)! I will insert a picture to show you what these pimples look like but from what I see, they are inflamed, a little bit painful, but don’t necessary have pus, they look like papules.

It started exactly an year ago (December 2018) because of very high level of stress and lack of sleep due to school. I had a very bad lifestyle until school finished (May 2019). However, even tho now that I am done with school and that I am a lot healthier, my acne didn’t disappear! 

My skincare regiment is that I wash twice a day my face with the La Roche-Posay Tolériane Cleanser. After I use the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Astingent Micro Exfloating Toner, the La Roche-Posay Duo+ Spot Treatment (contains AHA) and after La Roche-Posay Toleriane Moisturizer! I’ve been using using La Roche-Posay products for a very long time because it’s perfect for my very sensitive and little bit dry skin!

My diet : Well, I rarely eat dairy and meat (maybe once a week). I only eat gluten-free or whole grain. I like fruits! 

My size : I’m 1m52 and 40 kg.

I am a 20-year-old Canadian girl and I’ve never had acne in my puberty/teenage years!! So it is really weird that it is happening now... My hypothesis is that I must have had imbalanced something in my system when I was very stressed out! But I need your experience and knowledge to find the cause of this. 

Thank you! :)


** I really want to stop the formation of pimples on my forehead in a healthy way! **






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Hi there!

Just an observation but I'm one for less is more. La Roche Posay are great products as I use the moisturiser every day, but I feel you have a bit of overkill using all these products twice a day.


I'd consider knocking back a bit and seeing how things go. Just a thought as well, because your acne is concentrated to your forehead, could it be hair products?

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