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Acne is Diet related

Acne Post 1

Hello Good day, my Name is Julien im 28 years old even though i look like a teenager.

I want to share my experience with my Skin Problem.
I had a strong Acne Vulgaris since im 13 years old. It was on my face and on my upper back.
The Acne is with alot of oil on the skin and aloot of blackheads and pimples ranging from small to big ones that are deep and red.
Everyday i had new painful pimples.

I tried alot of cremes,soaps and chemical cremes and pills from the pharmacy and skindoctors. I never found a real solution in these products only short term improvement with negative sideeffects that disappeared after a while.

I started to look for a Solution bymyself when i was about 18 years of age. I asked myself when people in nature like the aboriginal people dont have acne then there most be a way to get a real solution for it.
I then started to search for answers and experiences in the WorldWideWeb.
I read hours on end and tried methods alot.
After a long period of trial and error i found a heavy and fast improvement by changing my diet completly and sticking to it very hard.

Since this was such a improvement for my own lifeexperience i would like to share what i found out and what information i got.
I hope it hits the mark in the right way.
I dont want to blush myself up or to be a doctor or something, that im for sure not.

So in this Regard here we go.


I found that when i changed my diet from a standart supermarket diet with finished foods to a more simple diet consisting of fresh foods that are homecooked that my skin was changing in only 2-3 days.
I know that sounds weird and i was suprized bymyself.

I try to explain it as good as i can without pushing you guys away with cocky attitude.

So what i did was i had along time trial and error. I tried to eat these foods than i tried these... i had here and there some small successes but not the real change that i wished for.

Then when i was in the beatiful northern german city of Flensburg i had access to are great farmersmarket with local healthy foods from the farmers.

I had my breakthrough when i but some vegetables, sourcrout and meat from the market and i also stopped eating anything from the supermarket. No industry food for a while. Then my Skin changed soo fast. It was always oily and heavily inflamed with pimples ranging from small to big.

Then when i ate ONLY these fresh foods which i cooked simple, my skin byitself without any washing or soaps just by waiting for 2 days was stopping being oily and inflamed and my pimples where just disappearing like magic.

I was thunderstrucked to see that happening. Expecially after this long period of suffering and trial and error. Because acne can mess up your life experience strong.

Now how can i best explain what i found out and experienced to you.
Because i believe that it could help you just like it helped me.

I can say that after that point and this moment i can put the strings of information together to always keep my skin the way that im happy with it and the strong inflammation is gone and since that past time in Flensburg i have my acne under strict control as long as i can keep my diet in check.



In my gathered experience i say that its not important to exclude any foodtype in order to get clean skin.

The important thing is to eat a food aka a living thing or organism that is healthy and free of unnatural parts from the industry like chemicals from fertiliziers or hormones from pharmacie pills or injections in the animals.

When the food be it plant or animal.
Lived/Grew under clean natural healthy conditions it will have a positive effect for your body and for that your skin.

Because the skin is the biggest organ of your body and if you have something inside your body that is not good for him it will damage all your organs and by that the skin aswell.

Its sounds like rocketsince but its actually quite simple.

I make a bet with you.
If i would take you and throw you into the forest with a native group of people who are living completly without any industrie.
And you manage to life with them and have there diet.
You would get this effect of a clean skin.

Now thats what i found.

That as long as i eat healthy animals and healthy plants i have a good skin without this annoying acne.

To filter out what is a healthy plant and animal can be quite a challenge if you life inside the city with modern supermarkets.
Because the labels lie most of the time about the conditions.

This is the challenge by that and it can take along time to understand if you dont know what to look for.

I try to give the best remarks i can.


Seafood of all kinds like fish or shrimps or other sealife animal or plant is still a very good choice for you and your skin.

Please avoid Aquaculture raised seafood, i do not recomment it because its to much poisened. It can mess up your skin.

If the Seafood comes catched from the ocean it will have a very great effect on your skin in my experience its safe everytime.

You can see it on the package where the seafood comes from.
They write there if it comes from the ocean something like:



                            RAISED IN AQUACULTURE

If you eat alot of seafood from the sea you wont have a hard time getting clean skin.
Thats of course in my experience and i think its for everyone the same but for that i need feedback from others tryieng it out.

In my experience you can actually eat all the plants. It just depends on you being able to find out how healthy they actually are.
This can be a challenge like i said.
If you have the money i recommend organic food expecially at the beginning.

Organic food doesnt have to be always the best choice and most of the time its to expensive to buy only organic and there are better options for your wallet and health sometimes.
But in general said, organic has healthier plants than the normal supermarket options in my experience.

Plants can be difficult to prepare in the right way. By that i mean that a natural plant is able to build up a defense of antinutrinutrions which can damage you like a posion. That can lead to a bad effect on your organs in general and to your skin.

Good examples are whole grains in food like a whole grain bread or whole grain rice.
They can be so difficult to prepare in my experience.
And if they are not cautiosly prepared and cooked they become a bad choice of food.

Thats why i recommend if you buy organic please watch this list:


-  White rice or even better parboiled rice
Good cooking time between 30 min-45 min
In 4-5 cups of water to 1 cup of rice.
( if you soak the rice before cooking even better , soaking time 8 hours-12 hours i recommend)

- Potatos
Really great because staples and the organic ones are much better than the big industry ones.

- Lentils
What a great food. Its staple food and easy to prepare. My experience just cook for 30-45 min with 3 1/2 cups of water to 1 cup of lentils on a low cooking level.
They should be nice soft. GREAT FOOD
- Chickpeas
Top food.
Better digestable if soaked before between 8 hours and 12 hours.
They should be cooked until smooth.

Bread and flour:
I recommend white bread and not the wholegrainbread.
Because in my experience only real professional made sourdoughbread is good for your skin and entire body.

Okay that shall be it for cool staple foods in the organic area. Because these ones can be bought organic without your wallet has to suffer so much but you still get a massive difference in your diet.

Now if you can buy organic milk ( cheese, butter etc.) , organic meat etc. Eggs.
That is great for your skin.

But the farmer from the farmermarket may have evem better meat,milk or eggs for a lower pricetag.



Woow alot of infos and i still could not say everything i want. Its not so easy to explain everything in a good manner so its understanble. I hope that it comes to you the reader with a positive effect on your life.


The quality of water is really important to keep your skin clean.
The most important water is the one that you drink and use when you cook your food.
Its the liquid that goes inside of you that matters most.
Avoiding tapwater is most of the time very good.
Finding a good brand of natural simple water, just water no softdrink, is key.
This water does not have to be expensive in order to be good for you.
Its not the label or price tag that decides the actual quality of the water.
Its the water itsself.

If you can get natural spring water from your area you can be the waterking.
For that i link you to this site.

Its a worldwide map where people mark natural accessable springs where you can get real fresh water. The man of the site is Daniel Vitalis which i highly recommend for a professional general health guide.

Sugar can be the point of succes in my own experience.
When i eliminated white sugar from my diet my skin got better.
I dont think you have to keep it away forever but to reduce or dismiss it for a certain time period to see the effect on your skin is benefical in my view.

Please always listen to your own feeling and reality of experience in order to keep yourself healthy.

If any of these tips make you feel bad than make the decision to go back to what you know works and move slowly from that point on.

Its much better to move slow and cautiosly when you try to change big things in your life than to rush into the unkown and damage yourself there.

I beg of you to always keep that in mind.


Forward with the topic

Generaly said

Industrial foods and fast foods are most of the time packed with alot of sugar or different forms of sugar.
Skipping these foods and canned foods is good for your skin.

The single situation your are in is very important.

By all i say here.
I would rather include some industrial foods in the diet than to starve yourself with only a few food items.

Be patient and dont rush.
If you stay on track im convinced you can change your situation.
Be smart and wise and patient.
You can do it.

Okay i finish this post for know hoping its not too confusing and kind of understandable.

I speak from my own experience and knowledge and im no doctor.

So i hope it can help and if you try it out i would like to have feedback.

Many greetings and all the Best

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