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What should I do ?

I suffer from Serborric Dermatitis (on my scalp and face )and Staph infection on my face around both sides of my jaw.  The staph was the first warning sign it was one boil on my cheek but it disappeared by itself after a week and after like a month it stared going crazy. So my skin started to flare up all of a sudden and I didn’t know why I thought it was stress I bought hella products to exfoliate my skin which I learned from YouTube videos but all it did was create scars.

I had near to clear skin a year ago and now my face is super messed up with loads of scars I’ve been super depressed. The dermatitis suddenly got very bad and made my face flared up past two months if I ate dairy so I stopped eating dairy altogether. My face is much calmer but still ugly since I started not eating cheese which was the main culprit. The staph is the worst out of the two because the boil can happen at any time it’s super ugly my biggest fear is the boil popping while I’m in public luckily that hasn’t happened yet. Been to the local doctor in this new town I moved to and all they say is that it’s normal everybody gets it. My previous dermatologist didn’t what it was and just gave me accutane for my scalp back when I only had dermatitis which I didn’t know what that was I just thought it was it was dandruff. I started losing hair and the white was too much so my mom just told be to go bald didn’t really do anything.  

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I've had the same on some part of my face before and my derma suggested a very effective product called betamethasone/miconazole cream it treated it in just days! its an amazing product!

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