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What are those and what should i do?

Hi everyone 

So, ive been on tretinoin 0.025% x erythromycin 4% 
For about 3 months now 
it doesnt look it changed something except of that massive purge which started right next day of first use and slowed down a bit like 3 days ago. I dont know if i should keep using it or not.What would you recommend ? 
The problem is i have a lot i mean a lot of closed comedones under on my face mostly on my cheeks 
you cant really see them but when i wash my face a can feel them under my skin with my fingers, they are kinda big and they are filled with ( oh gosh its weird, not that weird what im gonna tell you later tho.) white stuff, these are not millia and this stuff is not pus because they are not inflamed, but i think all of my acne is becaouse of them slowly coming up to the surface and i have lot of them. thats why u use tretinoin to peel my skin and make them come out and hope my skin stays but it seems to be same as 3 months ago. Now what im going to tell you almost made me passed out. I tried to pick those strange pimples or whatever and some of them have a strange smell. Thats nasty... I found out that when i get out of shower and what i smell was my shampoo but than when i pop that one i was like 
what the hell is that ? Not really that bad like it was just strange but i notice that and i almost passed out not becouse of the smell but because there is some white stuff in my pores under my skin that smells weird and i dont know how to treat it. 

im sorry for language but that's suck 
it really does!

Have any of you heard of something like that ? 

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