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How do I heal an irriated blackhead?

The other night I noticed a black head on my cheek. I usually never get blackheads so I wasn't aware that you weren't suppose to try and pop it or pick at it. Anyway, I ended up irritating it and it has become a kind of dark red. I put benzyl peroxide on it and I tried to leave it alone since I messed with it. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to heal it? & I was also hoping someone could give me an idea of how long something like this takes to heal?

Below I included  a picture. To me it feels like its almost a scab and it hurts to touch. It doesn't look like there is any black center unless I get super close in the mirror. It also doesn't stick out like a pimple its just kind of a dark red mark on my cheek and its rather annoying to look at. Please help if you have any suggestions. 


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Okay. You want to know how long does it take get it cleared up? Long time. We will see if we can make it a little faster. You need to apply retin-a cream. You may need to gently peel it using glycolic acid peel (be careful). You can see other posts and questions.

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Hydrocolloid pads over scabs have helped me for years to 1. stop picking at them and 2. prevent scarring.

In recent years, I've seen them rebranded as acne-stickers or something of that nature, but I used to just buy squares a bit smaller than my palm and cut them into the size I need them. They've been used forever for healing.

To me, it's worth it to have a little square or circle on my face for a few days as it heals, but I know some ppl won't want to have it on their face in public, so I'd recommend you at least stick one on while your sleep.

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