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(PICS INCLUDED) pretty severe acne scarring, sculptra? Silicone?

Hi, im half way done with accutane but still have severe scarring all over face, icepick, boxcars, etc. which I believe led to my hollow cheeks. The first pic is in dark room/ direct light . I’ve been in the air about getting sculptra bc I like having an angular face. Is it the texture that’s making it wavey? R my cheeks too sunken and I Should I go forward with sculptra? I am doing phenol cross sessions but really conflicted about sculptra.  I’m jus looking for any advice/help for a healthier appearance. Thnx! 





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I wouldn't be doing any phenol cross or any scar treatment while on accutane! Doctors recommend  that you are at least 6 months off accutane before you do any treatment. The reason: accutane thins the skin a lot.

I see some ice picks which should benefit from phenol cross AFTER accutane. You could also try microneedling every 3 months there's a very good thread here on that. It's easy to do at home if you follow instructions and might improve your scarring overall. You could also try to get some deeper scar subcised, evnt. with filler. Sculptra might help too.  I've seen a recent thread of a guy with similar scarring who got Sculptra and his face looks visibly more plumped. I am interested in Sculptra too, but have my reservations, still researching, though. If you find some useful info, pls, do share.

Also bear in mind that with any procedures on your face with your darker skin Type you NEED to wear sunsreen SPF 30 -50 in order not to have discolourations. It's very important after tca or phenol peels. 

You say silicone. Do you mean silicone droplets as in permanent fillers? If so, I'd stay away from that  - too many cases of treatment gone bad, the risk is too high. If you do fillers, do the temporary HA fillers. 

Otherwise I've found out that jogging/exercise makes my skin look smoother and the scars somehow better. Don't know why, but it is definitely so :) that much to general advice about skin looking healthier.

Hope that helps. 

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