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Excessive Dry Skin

I started the regimen in February 2019, and was able to clear my skin completely within 4 months. I have since been able to maintain clear skin through continued use of the regimen (cleanser, treatment, moisturizer, and glycolic acid). I've always considered my skin to be sensitive, but I have never had issues with dryness. Of course since starting the regimen, I have been dealing with dry skin, which I understand is common due to the strength of the benzoyl peroxide. However, it is now been 9 months of consistency with the regimen, and I am still dealing with excessive dry skin. I am extremely happy with the results of the regimen, and couldn't be happier to finally have clear skin. But the dryness is still frustrating. Will my skin eventually get used to the products and the dryness will decrease? Should I be using the acne.org moisturizer more than 2x a day to help with the dryness? Or is it okay to introduce a different moisturizer in addition to the regimen to help with my dry skin throughout the day? 

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Been there except having skin dryness for me wasn't very excessive. And since your skin has been kept clear, you can try mixing in with different moisturizer with the regimen moisturizer... switch it up just a little. That is what I did and the dryness has decreased and especially if it is winter season, you do need as much moisturizer you need (either using a lot of Dan's acne.org moisturizer or find a really good moisturizer) to prevent any form of dryness. Have you tried using acne.org's jojoba oil? I haven't tried using it myself but I have heard that it solves dryness problem and you can definitely mix the oil with the regimen moisturizer.. Also I would say that cetaphil moisturizer is very common and is known to be one of the best moisturizers out there and works for ALL skin types. I use cetaphil mixed with the regimen moisturizer to keep my skin PH-balanced. If you want to be extra careful on what products to use own your skin even if it is clear, I would recommend you to do research on what moisturizer is good for your skin. I am not encouraging you to use the moisturizer I use because there are some people who gave bad reviews about it, but since you have clear skin you can go to an extent of using any moisturizer that is good and works for your skin.

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