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scarring and potential treatments

Hi all, thanks for taking the time to read and give an opinion/share your experience. 

I've struggled with acne since I was around 10 years old.  I'd say within the last 2 years my acne has been stable with new lesions occurring occasionally. I started adapalene about 3  weeks ago and have noticed some increase in acne (as expected) but overall I feel my acne is subsiding and relatively stable.

I've been left with what I would call moderate (?) scarring. The largest scars have been present since I was 13 (with some of the smaller - medium sized ones popping up along the way) and have really made me a very self conscious person. 

I would like to know what you think kind of scarring I have and the best treatment options for them. I would say some are ice pick and don't bother me as much as the large, deepish wide scars sort of all clustered around each other in the center of my left cheek. I'm interested in TCA CROSS and found a place near me that seems manageable price wise, would this be an option for the wider scars or would I need something else? I would like to avoid laser treatments due to down time and cost.

I'm starting medical school in fall 2020 so I am really motivated to have some improvement in my scars prior to then! thank you :^)

9E424629-CD96-42D9-A659-CB4D77F5EAC3.jpeg.b436b0bdef19581a9f55cd9d3b64bb63.jpegRight cheek (pretty ok with this side)                   

 3E2F5413-8538-4754-A001-68B115922836.jpeg.01b15b5a7736918252fa42754b383ed9.jpeg Left cheek (has larger scars)

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