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Tretinoin 0.025 Purge ?

Hi everyone 
Guys I really need your help. 
Im 20 yo male with moderate acne (i'd say). I have lot of closed comedones ( i guess these are closed c.) and some pimples, sometimes even few cysts. 
So after years of trying products my dermatologist's prescribed me i told her i want tretinoin because i heard pretty good things about it. 
In my country only available tretinoin product is called '' Aknemycin plus '' which is combination of 4% of erythomycine and 0.025% of Tret. A freind of mine had almost same type of acne like me and it helped him a lot like he is almost clear now. 
So i wanted give it a chance plus she gave me some prescribed cleanser which is something like desinfection. 
so basicly that's what i use and moisturizer of course. 

Many people say that it gets worse before it gets better. 
So now im on my 10th week of using this product and Man that's crazy 
Im breaking out like never before. I swear to god its the worst breakout i've ever had. Lots of red sometimes painfull cysts ( im not sure what pustule or cyst is ) coverd my cheeks. Its crazy I aint really feel good. 

What i do is i wash my face with that cleanser 
Than i wait 'till my face is dry 
than put Tret. and after like 20-30min a put moisturizer 
a do it in the morning and in the evening as well. Thats what she's told me to do.

So people say it takes like 12 weeks to clear up my face ? 
Tbh im not really persuaded my skin will be clear in just 2 more weeks I have just too many pimples on my cheeks right now. 

I mean i'd like to ask you 
if i should keep using it at least to 12th week or throw it to the thrash can 
I dont know if its purging or its caused by irritation. Means i dont even know if it works or not. 

Any advice or your own experience would be priceless 
thank you so much guys.   

By the way sorry for my english 
i hope everyting is at least kinda intelligible. 

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