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Best Dr in Central London for Subcision?

Hi all,

Long time reader of this forum, first time poster. I've suffered with acne scars for many years now and have had some small improvements through some treatment before taking a break with it, however I'm now thinking about getting more treatment done.

A few years ago I went to phi clinic to see Dr Patel and fell for the "nothing will work for you apart from lasers" trick. Ended paying a lot of money for CO2 fractional laser which gave me no improvement (he also did subcision and a temporary filler i.e. lasts 8 months - at the same time).

About a year later or just under, I discovered the derminator and decided to give it a go. I think I used it once a month very aggressively at least 10 times before stopping with that. Using this I saw a better improvement than I did with the laser. Most of the improvement was seen several months after I stopped using it interestingly. 

However I think I still have some tethered scars since I can see some small indents in my scars under certain lighting (it's quite hard to notice unless I look at an angle and in a darker environment - for some odd reason), so I am thinking about subcision - definitely not laser again!

I keep seeing the name Dr Chu and Anil mentioned but they are based in west london, which is a bit far for me. I'm trying to see if there is anyone in central london instead?

The only name I've found is Dr H Consult who does subcision: https://www.drhconsult.co.uk/treatments/acne-scarring/subcision/ his method seems quite complex, is it safe? Here is a video of him performing this: 

This comment on the video scares me a bit: 

Stay away from this guy. It is only brutal because he is using a tissue lancing rod. This will cause subdermal hematomas and excessive bruising along with the needless destruction of the blood vessels utilized for dermal blood supply, which is not conducive to healing and lymphatic fluid clearance (damaging the vessels makes the area stay inflamed and swollen longer because the body has less vessels to transport the blood, plasma, and interstitial fluid away).

Should I ignore what he/she is saying? Anyone here used Dr H before with subcision - or should I find someone else?  


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6 hours ago, Andrew200 said:

There is Dr Nick Lowe - Cranley Clinic in London. It's quite expensive though

Thanks for the suggestion! I decided to see Anil in the end. Dr H is way too expensive and was already encouraging me to use lasers in his email response which I'm not falling for again! 

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