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Double vision side effects Accutane

So I was on 40mg/day Claravis for about 2 months. Maybe a month in I noticed my vision kinda doubling when I'd be watching TV or a movie, especially after a beer or 2. Also when I'd be driving for a bit. Basically whenever I'd be focused on something at a distance for a consistent amount of time. Quality of vision has decreased too in the sense that I feel like i gotta squint more, and lights are little harsher on the eyes too but this isnt a big deal. No real headache issues. I dont wear contacts but do where glasses. And even without my glasses on stuff will double easily so I dont feel like an updated glasses prescription would alleviate this issue. The double vision side effects are pretty annoying and sometimes result in blips of near sightedness where I have to kinda 're-focus' my eyes when reading. I told the derm about this at a checkup and they said its prob no big deal just see the optometrist. Then later that week they called and asked that I stop the treatment until I see the opto...

I've now been off the drug for 6 weeks and the side effect has not changed. I got some eye drops and they help but only a little. But the time is my concern, why this long? Is this normal? Most posts I see on here about vision and Accutane have to do with blurred vision, where I would more describe mine more as 'double vision' or difficult to focus. And most people say it goes away within a couple weeks and this has been longer. I'm seeing the optometrist in 2 weeks (haven't been able to get in sooner bc of life events). Any one have experience with this?

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