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I need help

Hallo guys,

I have started the regimen in the last 6 weeks. Everything went during the first 4 weeks. And then in week 5, I started getting more irritation and itching on my face. It hurts so badly with lost of whiteheads around my lips and my chin that I had to stop for a week for the pain to settle in and for the whiteheads to heal faster. After that week with no regimen, my face was regulated and it was less painful and the whiteheads healed faster too.

Now I am back on the regimen with smaller dosing of the treatment and I haven't add the AHA+ yet. So, the last 3 days since back on the regimen feel like the earlier days and my face is more acceptable again of the treatment. Now my question is , will this break affect my results? Will it slow it down? Now that I have stopped for a week, should I start all over again for a month before adding AHA+?

Guys, I can use all the hep and tips to move forward.

Thank you so much.



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I would say that yes you should start over. Your skin is going to have the same reaction again. The regimen is a painful process, until your skin adjusts to it. It took me 6-7 months to become acne free (severe) and it was painful the entire time. Your face becomes dry, irritated and peeling. The BP is bringing out your pimples, that's normal. You have to stick with it exactly as Dan says, especially when first starting out. Getting off the regimen for a week will surely be a setback in your acne and skins adjustment.

Do not add AHA until your skin feels more normal, and for a time line I would say at minimum a month from this point. All it will do is irritate your skin further. Let it adjust to the BP first before adding in other stuff. I know its tempting because you just want your skin to look good, but the BP will do that on its own in time. 

If you break out again this time at some point, don't give up. Just push through it. Use a ton of face lotion and add jojoba oil into it daily. At night, I use 20 drops of jojoba oil to help combat dryness. It helps a ton. I also use a humidifier. I live in Georgia, so its already super humid, but that extra at night truly is helpful. 

The regimen doesn't feel normal until you have been doing it for a long while. I have been on it for almost 8 years now and slacked off about a year ago and am still paying the price now. After 8 years of BP my skin, when not getting enough, breaks out and can't deal with the additional unless I slowly increase. That's why BP works, your skin never adjusts to it. 

Just stick with it, slowly and at the proper pace. Don't give up, its just going to cause you another setback. 

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