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Asian beauty soup (yes it sounds nuts but bare with me)

Long story short,

I'm 36 this year and I've had acne for 20 years. This has existed concurrently with seborrheic dermatitis for the most part. I've had everything going, roaccutane, epiduo, various oral antibiotics and they were all mostly either a stop gap that worked for a while, or they'd only achieve moderate suppression. 


I got married 3 years ago, my wife is Vietnamese. My diet has changed considerably, I guess I've dumped a lot of carbs and had to get used to a Vietnamese diet (I rarely cook). We eat a lot of Pho and seafood in our house now. Anyway I digress, so she began making Asian beauty soup as a dessert. In its most basic form this is lotus seeds, Chinese pearl barley, goji berries and half a tablespoon of rock sugar to sweeten it. Other ingredients can include white wood ear mushroom, pandan, pears, dried Logan berries, however I only make it with those few ingredients initially listed.


As long as I consume a small bowl everyday my acne is gone, and I mean like 100% nonexistent. As an added bonus it has cured my SD as well. My advice to any of you would be to get googling and learn how to make this very basic sweet soup. If you want the science end of the stick it's probably the Azelaic acid in the pearl barley in combination with other factors. Honestly don't dismiss me on this, just swallow your scepticism and try it, by day 4 you'll be laughing.


Happy hunting

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