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Best treatment for these old acne scars?


im dealing now with old acne scars that are getting worse with age. I’m 46 years old and had bad acne as an adolescent and teenager and recently tried microneedling and now have been trying Resurfix with prp (2 sessions so far), but don’t see any improvement. Will this laser treatment work for this type of acne? The dents on my temples and bumps on my chin have gotten worse in the past few years. Please see pics attached and suggestions are welcome! Thanks for your time! 




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Old scars can be tricky to treat. We lose collagen as we age, no amount of collagen inducing therapies can replace for example 1ml of fillers. But it's a great place to slowly start from (retinoids, alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) and later or maybe TCA).
Find a good dermatologist, if they suggest laser, which can be useful, leave that to the end. We want to fill the holes first.

Where are you located? How much downtime you can affort and your budget plays a role aswell.
Im sure others will give you good information, this is just my opinion, not an expert on your skin.

Have a goodd day

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Find a plastic surgeons office with a staff that specializes in scar revision and skin rejuvenation.

Standard microneedling alone is not going to be the best if you're seeking stunning visual changes in old acne scars. 

I'm not a fan of the lasers so I usually prefer RF microneedling and/or medium depth chemical peels. I'm a huge fan of rf so that's my position on any problem areas. Its used on elderly patients for wrinkle reduction so I wouldn't count it out based on age



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thank you for the responses! I live in Berlin, Germany, but from the US. It is cheaper here to treat it, and I will go back for my third treatment of Resurfix laser with PRP on Friday. I so far see no improvement, but my dermatologist thinks I'll need 4-5 treatments. I'm not wanting to throw my money away, and hoping it'll at least increase collagen, and reduce pore size if it can't get rid of the scars. I can't afford a long down time, and the good thing about this treatment is that I'm red for a few hours, then pretty much back to normal the next day. My dermatologist says that this is more effective than microneedling, but it seems everyone has a different take on this..

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