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Okay, so I started getting acne ( white heads ) on just my nose when I was 13..but then shortly afterwards those white heads stopped and I started getting them else where..mainly my chin and my cheeks. I’m now 23 years old and I still get white heads. I’ve been on antibiotics in the past, so maybe that’s an issue...I notice that I do tend to break out around my period however and that I am quite sensitive to certain foods. When I’ve tried to Exfoliate In the past it’s made my acne worse..so these days I use benzo %5 with an antibiotic cream thats been added in..this isn’t helping..it just dries out my skin..and sometimes the white head..that white stuff on my face is actually the cream that I’ve layered on..it’s just dried up. Could this be fungal or just hormonal ? I still get acne outside of my period too. Im not oily skinned like I once was either...but anyway I’m considering taking Accutane..

also..my zinc levels are within rage , as are my b12 levels..and my iron..ummm quite often I’ve got a white tongue 




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It looks like you're drying out and peeling. How often to do you wash?


EDIT: ah, nevermind. Re-read the post.


In my experience though, I don't really notice a clear distinction between "hormonal" acne or any other type of acne. Acne is acne, and it's bullshit.

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Hi pizzafaceme,

I cleared my acne using a book called "The Teachings of Acne". It changed my life... You can buy it on Amazon. I attached the link here.. just click the blue text. 

With the teachings in this book, there are no pills, food, creams or face washes, or any external thing for that matter, to put our faith into. It teaches us put our power back into our self and heal from within. 

It truly changed my life and I know it will change yours. 

- Courage313

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