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[Help] Need help with my skin!

Hello, (pics below)

So I’ve been struggling with acne since I was 14.. 24 now, and the only relief I ever had was when I was on Bactrim DS. I was on this for 3 years with using Cetaphil Oil Remover washing both day and night and that cleared my skin, I use to have skin I only could dream of!

Well I had stopped taking it about 7 months ago as I felt confident enough to stop taking it, initially everything was fine - I went back to my derm and we discussed my progress and she provided me tretinoin cream and clindamycin lotion (sorry if I botched those names) Incase i flared up. Well I got a couple zits and thought it’d be worth it to try those and when I did... good lord my skin was DESTROYED (hence the PIH you see now).

So I kept using thinking maybe it was an adjustment period, started taking Bactrim again and NO results - just cyst after cyst. Eventually, I just gave up and dropped it all. My dermatologist honestly just threw things at me, hell I don’t even know my real skin type.

Flash forward to now, I use 0 products.. that’s correct, 0.

My routine consists of this:

Morning: Splash face with cold water

Night: Wet wash cloth with cold water and lightly exfoliate acne prone areas.

Now this worked wonders, my skin was looking good albeit the PIH and redness but then I got tiny little red dry patches.. in areas I DIDNT exfoliate.

Now my skin is in a sort of stand still, I still get acne as you can see but it’s a lot more manageable and not totally cystic but I know I can beat this. 

I’ve pondered the idea of using a basic cleanser and even tried but when I did, acne would get worse.

If anyone has any idea as to what I should do, I would GREATLY appreciate it.

Thank you so much. 




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Same here, whenever i use Cleansers, my acne gets worse. For me,  Washing with plain water works charms. It neither strips the natural oils of your face, that are necessary to protect you from bad bacteria. And a few splashes of cold water lift up your face by lessening the puffiness. Also, If you want, you can check my full skincare routine here.

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