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At wits end with scarring (severe rolling and boxcar scars)

I’m so depressed from my scarring that I can’t go outside anymore, I feel like there is no hope and everyone looks at me like a monster who doesn’t belong around other people. I don’t have very much money, but someone please give me hope that I could improve my scars. I have already done over the past few years, 3 sessions of fractal laser, a 15% concentration TCA peel and a 30% tca peel, and retinol.

is there anything I can do that isn’t surgery? Is subscision the only thing that works?


please help. 

(Pictured) too-down lighting with no makeup. I believe I have a couple of rolling scars as well as boxcar scars.

how severe is my scarring?




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Yes you need subcision. You treated your scars basically backwards with treatments. Look at the FAQ pinned to the main scar treatments sub, bottom of that is Dr's find a few who are nearby you and consult with them. Laser is done at the end. Even 2 subcisions a year with some Chinese cupping is cheap. You need rf needlnig as well. Filler is expensive, note I said Chinese cupping (Amazon for a month post subcision - done daily) above. Worry about texture latter in treatment. You can do dermastamping at home monthly and alternate with glycolic peels between Your Dr's sessions. This is a long process. See my signature if you need more.

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