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What type of scars do I have? (moderate to slightly severe; angled lighting)

Hey all - I need some help identifying what type of scars I haveand treatment options per scar type.

Quick background / how I'm currently treating my scars

I had very active acne for 12 years which I managed using antibiotics + diet + benzoyl peroxide. I've been off antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide for last 4 years and I have maybe 2 active acnes / month for last 4 years.

Up until recently, I didn't do anything about my scars except not picking them. After seeing 2 dermatologists 3 months ago, I have started doing the following for the last 3 months to improve my skin texture and reduce general scarring over the long term:

1) Apply Neutrogena Oil Free 35 SPF in the morning; regular suncreen reduces photo aging + helps fade hyperpigmentation
2) Apply tretinoin 0.05% every night; help fade hyperpigmentation and even out surface level scars
2) Apply CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion PM; keep skin moisturized since 2) can be drying

Once I finish the 0.05% tube, I'll probably try the 0.1% and use it indefinitely.

The 2 derms identified my scar types as a combination of ice pick, box scar and rolling and suggested I look into microneedling and laser resurfacing. No one mentioned subcision or TCA cross.

I've watched a bunch of Davin Lim videos and I've skimmed through the comprehensive scar treatment guide by beautifulambition and it's clear that I need to know what my scar types are before I can determine the right treatments for them

Here's where I need help
1) What % of my scars on my cheeks are ice pick, box scar and rolling?
2) What about my sides? They feel 95% box scar. What do you guys think?
3) The indents on my forehead seem 30% box scar and 70% ice pick. What do you guys think?
4) Given above, what treatments do you guys feel would be the highest impact? I'm cost and recovery time agnostic

5) Given the severity of the scars, what general range of improvement can I expect? 10% improvement? 50%?

Here are the pictures (combination of normal and angled lighting; sorry about the amateur quality pictures!)






Right side



Left side


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3 hours ago, beautifulambition said:


It’s a shame you don’t want to contribute to the to community and only want to give treatment advice privately. A lot of people would benefit from a thread like this, but if you don’t want to share your knowledge anymore for whatever reason then that’s your right.

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You have severe scars: box cars, Icepicks, and rolling scars  on the cheeks, .... you need lots of subcision & tca cross with filler, laser, and a deep peel or resurfacing (laser). 

 For more in depth discussion, please contact me through PM (see my signature). 

You need to see a acne scar specialist if you can.

I cannot predict how you heal that determines results. Expect 50% after many treatments. 

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