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Tifanny Tandy

closed comedones for years

I’ve had these severe closed comedones all over my face for years. some developed into cystic acnes, hence a lot of scars.

in these pics I am very make up, hence the bumps are more obvious.

I’ve gone through two round of accutane, and they reappear after I get off the medication.

anyone with similar situation and successfully got through it?



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If you are not on accutane now, try to add glycolic acid in your skincare routine. Do it at night and always start with low percentages to build your tolerance. If your skin is a little bit greasy (maybe it is not because of accutane) your can add salycilic acid to replace glycolic acid or in lieu of glycolic acid, for the days you don't use the latter. Sometimes 2% sal is too much for some people so always patch test. Also, keep your skin hydrated with light serums and gels containing non comedogenic humectants ( always look for glycerin, alo, hyaluranic acid etc and avoid mineral oil, oils in general, silicones and waxes). Finaly, you have to wait a couple of minutes (15 min or more) between acid products and your serums because of the ph. Pure mineral makeup is also better because it won't clog your pores. 

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