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I am not happy to find myself here. My not-even-out of high school son just tossed his Accutane away about 5 days ago. He has reported to me an issue with ED (overly tight testicles, loss of strength of erection). He was 2.5 months into his second round (after a break of a year or so), they upped his dose to 3 pills a day 8-ish days prior and then he noticed this issue. Now I know all the horrors. I am hysterical. Utterly hysterical. I know the damn Dr's won't be able to do a damn thing ("We've never seen a issue with Isotretinoin") , although he is going to the GP tomorrow for a referral to a Uro & I guess a Endo? (insert bitter laugh). Today, 4+ days without he is exceptionally thirsty, like WAY more than the other few days, but at least his depression has lifted almost 100% (we didn't even realize how bad it was). 

Is there anything he can do to help get this shit out of his system faster? Anything to heal the damage to his Pituitary/Hormone system at this early stage? I've read (some) of the past 695 pages & am overwhelmed, almost suicidal and broken hearted. Reduce foods with Vitamin A. (My dumb ass was letting him eat multivitimans, more than normal with damn Vit A this week). Keep it simple, natural. Maybe fasting? Milk Thistle for liver? (We are in the USA). 

So, also, for the "rare" side effect of ED related issues (and yes, we will be reporting it EVERYWHERE), of those who have it, is there any sort of consensus of how many recover vs stay the same or get worse? Is it that once that the sexual side effect hits, you have passed the point of return OR is it that men get better, simply never land here, and go on their way. WDYT? 

Hoping Against Hope for my only child and reason for life. 

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